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Guardian Angel 2020

Many years ago, not long out of Art School and looking to get my first mosaic artwork commission, I had the good fortune to be selected by Rooney and McConville Architects to create a mosaic wall artwork for the Baptismal area of St Colmcilles Church, Holywood, Co. Down. In 2016 I was approached to create a second mosaic artwork for St Colmcilles which resulted in the installation of a new mosaic shrine artwork. This can be viewed by clicking on the above link for the Irish Times interview 2017. It was my great privilege to be commissioned to create a third mosaic artwork for this beautiful church in 2020. The resulting artwork, titled 'Guardian Angel' was installed in October 2020. The initial art design concept and completed work are shown below. In December, I was delighted to learn that the artwork was a winner in the annual Faith and Form Arts Awards 2020.

Initial Design Concept
Guardian Angel Initial Depiction June 20
Installed 'Guardian Angel'
Art With A Heart

Due to the covid-19 crisis, the studio was forced to shut in March 2020 for several months. As well as the obvious tragedy that has subsequently unfolded for all those effected by the pandemic, the usual funding streams for many charities have been either wiped out or severely disrupted during this time.


In the summer of 2019 I created a central mosaic table for the 'Relay For Life' charity, an annual event which raises funds for cancer research and helps support survivors of cancer and those individuals and families who have been touched by the illness. With the prospect of the event operating on a reduced basis in the summer of 2020, I decided to start a small fund raising project in April 2020.


I put a call out to all my students past and present, to ask them to create a small 10x10 cm artwork that must contain a heart shape as the main element within the design. Each of the heart artworks were then exhibited via facebook and offered for sale. Those purchasing an artwork were given the opportunity to have the name of a loved one inscribed in memory on the rear of the artwork. The purchased artworks will be assembled into a larger piece, forming a 'patchwork quilt' style artwork. My initial target of €2000, which at the time we would have been delighted to achieve, was surpassed within a week! And, through the creativity and hard work of all those involved the project raised almost €10,000 in around three weeks. I am extremely grateful for the effort put in by all those involved and it was great to be part of a project that generated so much positivity and community spirit during such challenging times.

Art With A Heart 1.jpg
Art With A Heart 2.jpg

Student Artworks Donated to 'Art With A Heart'

Display of Artworks at 'Relay for Life' Event 2020

Mosaic Artwork for Care Unit, St Patrick's, Waterford

In 2019 I was commissioned by the Waterford Healing Arts Trust to create a site specific mosaic artwork for their new care unit in St Patricks Hospital, Waterford, Ireland. The resulting piece, containing recognizable features from Waterford history, was installed in March 2020. 

Finished Artwork, St Patrick's, Waterford

Waterford Mosaic 2020.jpg

Time lapse installation recording